On the Toyota 4wd Pickups, 4Runners, and 6 lug Tacomas, the Lower Control Arm frame mounts lack a crucial brace for any serious offroad abuse. A quick look and a basic idea of load distribution and you'll see that without a brace, its a disaster waiting to happen. The Toyota frames are amazing, but hard driving will find its weak point, and repairing the damage is a LOT more dificult and costly than this simple upgrade.


86-95 Toyota Pickup Chassis
95.5-04 Toyota Tacoma Chassis
Parts Included

Welded Crossmember, Moutning Tabs

Grade 8 bolts, Bottom Gussets

Weld-in Crossmember, Bottom Gussets
Installation Requirements
Grinding, welding, and precise measuring required
Grinding, welding, and precise measuring required


On the 86-95 4wd Pickups and 4Runners, the rear LCA pockets are missing this much needed brace due to the 3rd member being in the way. We came up with a solution, that not only braces the LCA mounts, but clears the 3rd member in stock position, AND is easily removable. This gives you just as easy access to removing the front 3rd member. Also included, is a set of weld-in gusset plates for the LCA mounting pockets, which we HIGHLY reccomend getting immediately, even if your truck is stock, as anyone who's owned one of these trucks before knows, these pockets get worked.


On the 6 lug Tacomas, the probelm is the front side of the LCA mounts. In this instance, it didn't need to be removable, but we did come up with a way to make a strong weld-in brace that perfectly sets up a landing spot for a fabricated front bumper and skid plate. This simple upgrade will keep the LCA mounts in place, and make the next step in your project easier.