If you're using heimed upper control arms on your 4wd Toyota truck, you can finally get rid of the adjustable (usually not by choice) lower control arm cam-bolt setup. The OEM cam-bolt system uses an oblong cam to set your alignment, relying soley on the bolt that the bushing pivots, on being tightened with a 6 foot breaker bar..... by the Terminator. They inevitably come loose and now your "alignment" is nothing you were hoping for. The deletion kit we offer isn't complicated, its a set of water-jet cut plates that fit into the cam-bolt area, with a grade 8 bolt holding it tight (some models require new inner bushing sleeves as well).

Mounts come with a zero-offset (center position) unless otherwise specified.


Toyota 4wd Hilux Pickup / 4runner / T-100
86 - 95
Toyota Tacoma / 4runner
95.5 - 04
Toyota Tundra / Sequoia
00 - 06