*Image shown is of pre production prototpe. Product may have minor chages to design for production effeciency

Fits Models
Toyota Tacoma 5 Lug mini truck 95.5-04
Wheel Travel (metal to metal)
Width Incease (per side)

Installation Requirements





Lower Control Arm is direct bolt in after drilling front bolt hole to 3/4"

Upper Control Arm requires welding mounting brackets to top of frame

Shocks require custom made mounts (engine cage/shock hoops)

Bump stops and limiting strap mounts require welding to frame

Steering is direct bolt in but rack requires trimming on drivers side

Parts Included



Upper Control Arms, Lower Control arms, Modified 4wd IFS Spindles (core required),

Steering Clevis's and Tie rods

Upper Control Arm Mounting Brackets

Reccomended Shock Sizes



Single Shock
10" stroke coil-over
Dual Shock, In-line Mounting
8" stroke coil-over, 10" stroke bypass





Control Arms, Spindles, Tie rods, Steering Clevis's, Upper Arm Brackets, no bushings, bearings, or bolts, raw kit only
Steel-It Coating
Hardware Kit (busings, uniballs, heims, bolts)
Complete Kit, all fabricated parts and hardware $3399

Available Upgrades




Upgrade to Hiemed Upper arms

Upgrade to Uniball Lower arm inner pivot
Tundra Brake Upgrade Kit
Spindle bolt setup for bumpstop

The 5 lug Tacoma mini truck is an oft-overlooked truck, with few parts offered in the way of suspension. Building this kit, we aimed at eliminating the inherent weaknesses of the stock suspension that other kits available at the time left in place, namely the spindle, lower ball joint and the inner tie rod pivots. Upgrading the spindle to the 6 lug IFS 4wd spindles DRASTICALLY increases reliability, and leaves you with a much more ideal lug pattern. We convert the lower ball joint to a double sheared 1" uniball, as we do with all of our kits, and the Tie Rods use custom clevises that bolt to the steering rack, replacing the inner ball and socket joint with heims inner and outer.

Spindle Core Charge
Nearly every ESB front suspension kit uses Toyota 4wd IFS spindles from the 86-95 model Trucks.
Now, you can just have us supply one, we usually try to keep some in stock, but we do have to track them down, buy them, take them apart, clean them, de-rust them, and finally we can modify them. Obviously we aren't going to do this for free, and we don't want to keep a huge stockpile of them and the extra parts they come with. This is why we reccommend that you track down a set from a salvage yard or off the internet, stripping it down yoruself and supplying us with it when you order. Essentially we are giving a discount to people willing to do this part. We also reccomend this because it will familiarize you with the new system you are installing which is likely different than the one you currently have. It should be noted, that these are 6 on 5.5" bolt pattern, which may not be what you currently have. The reason we use this spindle is because it is the strongest spindle Toyota makes, with 1.875" wheel bearings (about the same as a class 1 car would use), but at a MUCH cheaper price and far higher availability. The range in price used, usually around $100-$150 a set, sometimes much lower. If you choose not to hunt them down, no problem, people are busy we get it, but if were handling that part, then its $200 minimim, more if we can't find any for less (hasnt happened yet but, saying it just in case).





The kit pictured is the prototype, and the production model will be slightly different in appearance. We are also planning on developing a steering rack elimination kit in the near future as soon as we have the opportunity.

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