The 86-95 Toyota 4wd truck was my first vehicle, and the truck that got me into fabrication, the +5.5" kit was the first I ever built, and as far as I know, is still in use right now. We build the +3.5" kit so that a stock T-100 axle can be used as a direct bolt-in part, making it much more affordable to get both long travel and working 4wd. Now we offer this kit in 3 different widths, and all for the SAME PRICE. All kits utilize a double sheared lower uniball pivot, all kits fit coil over and bypass shocks, and all kits retain functioning 4wd. With this new version of these kits, We did a few things to improve handling, fitup, and give you lots of options to get your front end going, with lots of upgrades available. You could, for exmample, buy a base-line bushing kit, run that for a season, and then buy a heimed upper arm, and it will bolt directly into the same mounts with no modifications. You could buy a +3.5" setup, and later decide you want a 5.5" setup, and buy just the arms and use the same spindle. Below I'll go over some details about the features.


The upper control arm is built to mount with custom mounts which we include. This time around though, we set the upper control arm to a greater angle than stock. What this does, is it makes the spindle gain much more caster under compression, which greatly improves cornering and adds anti-dive. In testing the improvement was noticable and welcomed. This requires though, that the steering shaft be modified wtih a new universal joint for clearance issues, but is a very easy and affordable modification. The arms are constructed of 4130 chromoly tubing, and the pivots are either .250" wall bushing barrels or 7/8" heims. The moutning brackes are water-jet cut, and included in the kit.


The lower arms are constructed of water-jet cut 3/16 sheet metal and bolt into stock mounting pockets. Unlike most kits, it uses a 1" uniball on the outer pivot, which is double sheared at the spindle. The inner pivot points are also 0.250" wall chromoly, or can be upgraded to also use 1" uniballs and custom stainless steel spacers. In either configuration, it can use both the stock cam adjuster bolts, or a 5/8" bolt if you choose to do something like our cam bolt deletion kit. The lowers are designed to accomodate 2 shocks, either side by side or even inline on the 5.5" kit.


Here, we start with a stock forged IFS spindle from the 86-95 Toyota 4wd trucks, as we do on all of our kits. We weld on a double sheared pocked constructed out of 1/2" and 1/4" steel with a chromoly bolt boss to make it EXTREMELY stout. The upper pivots are setup with 0.250" wall 4130 chromoly, and feature a machined index that locks the misalignment spacer in, reducing the shear load on the bolt. We offer multiple options here. The base spindle is offered using the stock steering knuckle, were you can bolt the tie rods directly in. If your ordering this with the full steering kit, we make a custom, double sheared steering knuckle with improved geometry. Currently these are available setup for 4wd, but we are planning on a lift spindle version if 4wd isnt going to be used. A core set of spindles is required or $200 is added to the total as they are getting harder to find.

Fits Models
86-95 Toyota 4wd Pickup, 4Runner, and T-100
Width Incease (per side)
3.5" ____________________4.5" ____________________5.5"____________________
Wheel Travel

13" - 14.5"_______________16" - 17.5"_________________19"-?-___________________

Parts Included

Upper Control Arms, Lower Control arms, Modified 4wd IFS Spindles

Tie rods

Upper Control Arm Mounting Brackets

Reccomended Shock Size

10" stroke coil overs and/or 10" bypass for side by side shock mounting

10" stroke coil over and 12" stroke bypass for inline shock mounting (5.5" kit only)

Installation Requirements


Lower Control Arm is direct bolt-in

Upper Control Arm requires welding mounting brackets to top of frame

Shocks require custom made mounts (engine cage/shock hoops)

Bump stops and limiting strap mounts require welding to frame

Steering is direct bolt-in but stock centerlink requires drilling out

Steering shaft requires aftermarket u-joint. Howe part # 611, Sweet part # 401-53706

To retain 4wd, custom axle shafts must be installed. The 3.5" wider arms can use T-100 axles on the pickup and 4 Runner. All other setups require custom axle shafts, contact for more info





*prices do not include sales tax

ESB 4wd +3.5", +4.5", and +5.5" Front Suspension kits, setup for bushing inner pivots. Raw metal, no hardware (fabricated parts only + tie rods)
Spindle Core Charge
Upgrade to heim upper arm inner pivots
Upgrade to uniball lower arm inner pivots
Tundra brake upgrade
Air bump pads welded to upper arm spindle bolt
ESB 4wd +3.5", +4.5", and +5.5" Front Suspension kits, setup for bushing inner pivots, Complete with hardware



Spindle Core Charge
Nearly every ESB front suspension kit uses Toyota 4wd IFS spindles from the 86-95 model Trucks.
Now, you can just have us supply one, we usually try to keep some in stock, but we do have to track them down, buy them, take them apart, clean them, de-rust them, and finally we can modify them. Obviously we aren't going to do this for free, and we don't want to keep a huge stockpile of them and the extra parts they come with. This is why we reccommend that you track down a set from a salvage yard or off the internet, stripping it down yoruself and supplying us with it when you order. Essentially we are giving a discount to people willing to do this part. We also reccomend this because it will familiarize you with the new system you are installing which is likely different than the one you currently have. It should be noted, that these are 6 on 5.5" bolt pattern, which may not be what you currently have. The reason we use this spindle is because it is the strongest spindle Toyota makes, with 1.875" wheel bearings (about the same as a class 1 car would use), but at a MUCH cheaper price and far higher availability. The range in price used, usually around $100-$150 a set, sometimes much lower. If you choose not to hunt them down, no problem, people are busy we get it, but if were handling that part, then its $200 minimim, more if we can't find any for less (hasnt happened yet but, saying it just in case).


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