So, is ESB Fabrications really back in business? Almost. We are re-developing our entire product line, Using some of the old designs and a LOT of new ones. After closing doors in 2006, I made the decision that if I were re-open this buisiness, I would use the experience and knowledge that I got from racing and running the shop, and put all of it to good-use in new designs. So far I've created about a dozen new front suspension kits, arouind twenty accessories, and linkage rear suspension kits, all benefitting from thousands of hours of racing and pitting and brutallizing Toyota trucks over the last few decades.


Updated 10/11/18

Updated a lot! The products page has some new goodies.... motor mounts, steering kits, and more. The Gallery page should be updated by now as well, we have so much content, its a lot to go through, so it will be continuosly updated from now on.

Also introducing a new section, a sort of mini classifieds from our shop, where we will post items we have in the shop we are selling (tools, OEM parts, random stuff), and also what we are on the lookout for. We also may post up items for sale that our friends or customers are hunting for or selling, so check back frequently!




As you can see, the Products page does have some things listed that link to pages that show the product, and some that are listed but go nowhere. Those that show a product are the ones we've completed prototyping and have tested, the ones that go nowhere are the parts that are being developed as we get access to those vehicles.

Check back on this page, or Instagram for updates on new products and information, and feel free to contact us anytime!

Updated 12-6-17

Added a new product, the Toyota Leaf Spring Shackle, to go with the Toyota Leaf Spring Hangers, who's page I also updated with new pictures. At the shop right now, the F-150 we redesigned the front suspension on has been completed and went to it's home for the final touches before testing, and I'll be putting that up in the Gallery soon. I havent made a page for that front suspension kit yet as some of the jigging isn't complete, but if you are interested contact me for details. On the final part of the design stage and now going into programming is the kit for the 84-95 2wd Toyota Pickup in a 5.5" variation, actually jigged off of the original kit that was load to me by a former customer who is very happy with it. There will be some small changes but the proven geometry will remain. Also in the shop, finally, the Tacoma got torn down and I'm cycling it for a +3.5", +4.5", and +5.5" wider front suspension kits that will be the same geometry as the Tundra front suspension, Meaning that once that is done we will be able to build for both trucks any of those width variations. Lastly, I've also began designing a Tundra and possibly Tacoma lift spindle/upper arm kit for the 2wd 6 lug models, although I'm in the very beginning stage of this so I don't have any details avaible yet.



Updated 10-31-17

I've been working on some of the Products pages recently, namely the 3 and 4 Link page, the 5 Lug Tacoma page, and trying to add more pictures and information to various other pages. Also, I thought I would update everyone on what were working on currently, and whats upcomming. So, the main projects are the F-150 and its prototype front suspension, and the 4Runner with our first 4.5" 86-95 4wd kit. I'm mid-way through the development of the 86-95 4wd Toyota steering kit, featuring fully custom Idler arm, pitman arm, and centerlink. ALSO developing a completely new product which I've yet to see offered anywhere, that will solve sector shaft issues in a new way that will be affordable, direct bolt on, and much stronger than the few sector shaft support attempts I've seen people come up with, while retaining ground clearance and approach angl. As far as new front suspension kits, I've started on the 84-95 2wd Toyota front suspension kit, theres still a bit to go but there will be updates on it soon, and as soon as a spot opens up I'll FINALLY be able to get back to the 95.5-04 4wd Tacoma front suspension kits. And lastly, available in about a We'll have 12" Shackles ready to go.


Updated 10-9-17 4wd Toyota Crossmember Toyota Leaf Spring Hangers Toyota 4wd 86-95 Front Suspension

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